Frequently Asked Questions

What are NFTs and what can I do with them? 

NFTs are digital tokens that use blockchain technology to certify ownership of digital content such as images, GIFs, videos or music. With DaVinci, your NFTs can also be used to unlock special perks such as exclusive merch, streaming content, virtual or real-life experiences with artists and more! NFTs on DaVinci are easy to purchase with direct credit card payment and easy to resell on our marketplace allowing early collectors to benefit from the increasing value of our creators’ unique NFTs

What is DaVinci and how does DaVinci work? 

DaVinci is an NFT marketplace where you can browse, collect and sell NFTs by the world’s top creators. DaVinci NFTs can be tickets that unlock personalized virtual or real life experiences as well as streaming content that’s unique to every artist. They can also be exclusive, auction NFTs which are rare pieces of digital artwork that the owner will exclusively own.

How can I buy an NFT Ticket?

  1. 1. Click on “Buy”
  2. 2. Enter your email address. The DaVinci app will create your wallet in the backend 
  3. 3. Enter in your credit card information. Click on Pay.
  4. 4. Enter in your verification code received by email

You’ll now be able to view and download your NFT Ticket. Because of how the blockchain works, it might take a few minutes for the Ticket to be transferred to you so don’t be surprised if you need to wait a bit

How can I download my NFT?

Once you’ve purchased your NFT:

  1. Sign into your DaVinci account
  2. On the top right, click on your profile icon
  3. Click on “My collection” 
  4. Click on the NFT you want to download 
  5. Click on “Download”

Have fun with your NFT! Print it to display it in your home, project it on a high resolution screen, use it as your profile picture…the sky's the limit!


How do I set up my wallet so that I can bid on NFTs?

Pick one of our available wallet providers to purchase and bid during the live exhibit. Connect your wallet to the POLYGON network.  In this example, we’ll be using Metamask. First, add Polygon Mainnet to your wallet. 

  1. Click on the top right menu bar
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Go to Networks
  4. Click on "Add Network"
  5. Enter in the information provided here

Then, import the USDC Token so that your funds appear in your wallet. 

  1. Go to
  2. Search for USDC
  3. Copy the contract address
  4. Click on Import Tokens in Metamask
  5. Paste the address


What funds do I need to purchase NFTs or place a bid on NFTs?

Currently DaVinci supports wallet payment in the currency USDC on Polygon network. You can either buy USDC directly on Polygon Network or bridge USDC over to Polygon network from Ethereum ERC20

How can I transfer my NFT from my DaVinci wallet to another wallet?

  • 1. Click on your DaVinci account (top right after connecting) 
  • 2. Click on ‘My DaVinci Wallet’
  • 3. Click on Transfer 
  • 4. Select the sending address (DaVinci)
  • 5. Copy paste the receiving address (on the Polygon network) 
  • 6. Select the NFT to transfer and click on transfer


How does bidding on auction NFTs work on DaVinci?

On DaVinci users can bid for exclusive NFTs during the Artist’s event which typically lasts around 10 days.  Tokens are withdrawn during the bid. If someone places a higher bid, the money is sent back to the user who will be notified via email to give them the chance to set a new high bid. 

What is Polygon? 

Polygon is a scaling solution that runs along the Ethereum blockchain enabling faster transactions on the blockchain and lower fees. It also has the advantage of requiring a fraction of the energy consumption of networks like Ethereum.

What is the DaVinci Marketplace?

The DaVinci Marketplace is a place where NFTs from your favorite artists are displayed to allow digital collectors, such as yourself, to discover, buy and (re)sell them in a way that’s fun, simple and easy. It is a platform that makes it simple to store and sell NFTs. These tokens are generally available for purchase or auction at a set price. To use an NFT marketplace, you will need a crypto wallet to store and trade your best NFT tokens. The world’s first and largest digital marketplace for crypto collectibles and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Buy, sell, and discover exclusive digital items.

Can I resell the NFTs I purchased on DaVinci on other marketplaces?

DaVinci offers a marketplace where you can list your owned NFTs and sell them to other fans. It is the ideal platform to benefit from the growing value of your NFT.  Furthermore, you can sell your NFT on other marketplaces with the smart contract address and NFT ID which can both be found in the ‘Details’ section on the NFT detail page.

Where are my NFT assets hosted? Is hosting secure?

Your NFT assets are stored on Cere DDC. They are fully encrypted and only accessible with your wallet. Additionally, Cere DDC storage is fully decentralized on the blockchain. Therefore, access to your NFT assets will never be lost and will continue to live on even without DaVinci.  

How can I resell my DaVinci NFTs on the marketplace?

In order to sell your NFT you need a connected external wallet which will be used to collect the funds once your NFT is sold. Click on the menu to connect your wallet.  In the menu you can also find the ‘My collection’ section with all your owned NFTs. Go to your NFT collection and click on the NFT you like to sell.  Don’t worry if your NFT is bought with the DaVinci wallet. When you click on ‘Sell’ you will be asked to confirm a transfer of the NFT to your connected external wallet. Small note: you can only resell NFTs bought on DaVinci.

What are royalties and why is this deducted from my listing price?

Each Creator who sells NFTs on DaVinci receives a share of the revenues on primary sales via an exhibit and secondary sales via the marketplace. This amount is called royalties.  As a Seller on the marketplace a part of the revenues will be transferred to the Creator to make sure they are rewarded for their creation. A small share of the royalty percentage will go to DaVinci and Cere DDC to store the assets of the NFT and facilitate the transactions.