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We are looking for new ambassadors to join our team. DaVinci is here to take the NFT industry to the next level, and we need your help to do it. Come with us to discover:

Who Can Become a DaVinci Ambassador?

We are looking for influential leaders who can help the crypto community and different industries to discover DaVinci.

If you feel identified with the traits below, then we want you!


Can you influence your own community on Telegram, Discord, Facebook, Twitter or any other platform? Then we want you!

Crypto Enthusiast

Do you believe that blockchain tech is the future? We do too, and we want you in our team.


If you can come up with your own ideas to spread the word about DaVinci, you will be the right fit.


We want ambassadors with the same mindset as DaVinci’s; to make a plan successful no matter what.

Team Player

Do you believe working in a team leads to great things? We’re team players by heart and we want you to join us.


Do you believe blockchain tech will lead to a brighter future? So we do, and by promoting our Decentralized Data Cloud, you’ll help users to truly own their data.

4 Reasons to Become a DaVinci Ambassador Today

Incredible rewards are just the beginning by joining our growing family of DaVinci ambassadors. We have a lot to offer, and we want you to be a part of it.

Become Ambassador Become Ambassador
  • Win Free Tokens As a DaVinci ambassador you will get access to lots of raffles and activities, where you will win free $CERE tokens that you can sell on any exchange.
  • Get the Lowest Floor Prices Once you join our program, you will get lifetime access to DaVinci’s whitelist, to obtain exclusive NFTs at the lowest prices, to score the highest ROI possible.
  • Win Free NFT Tickets You will win free NFT tickets from our numerous airdrops to stand a chance at winning free NFTs from exclusive collections. The more you participate in ambassador activities, the more tickets you will win.
  • Resell NFTs easily If you want to resell an NFT you won in an auction, then your listing will appear on the Featured section of the marketplace. This will help you to boost sales - an exclusive benefit for ambassadors.

How to Become a DaVinci Ambassador in 3 Easy Steps

If you like what our program offers and you think you’re the right fit to become a DaVinci ambassador, then here’s how you can do it in only 3 steps.

1 Join
Fill out our simple form to evaluate your application and get to know more about you.
2 Participate
Once you’re accepted as a DaVinci ambassador, go ahead and participate in the dozens of available ambassador activities we have for you.
3 Win
Any time you participate in an ambassador activity, you will win incredible rewards such as priority access to airdrops, free tokens and NFTs, and exclusive tools for NFT sellers.

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